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Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 is out now!

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Blog, by Mark White
October 4, 2016

What’s new in Elements 15?


The brand new version of Photoshop Elements is here! It’s packed with all the tools that you love, and this year includes a selection of brand new features to help you with all kinds of projects.

  • The Organizer is better than ever; find the right photo with Smart Tags, cross-search through your pictures and even batch-fix your images with Enhanced Instant Fix, which can apply big edits in quick time.
  • Transform any photo into visual text and add layers styles to make it pop, using the brand new Photo Text.
  • Turn your photos into masterpieces with the new Painterly features; apply brush strokes and add textures and filters to create instant digital paintings.
  • Create multiple effects in a single photo with the Effects Collage feature; you can choose all kinds of photo filters and templates.
  • Effects Collage: get artistic by adding multiple effects to a single photo. Tap into multiple templates and themes to choose one that suits your style.
  • Last year Elements added a speed effect tool, and this year you can create a Speed-Pan action shot. This new guided edit can add motion blur behind your subject for dynamic effects.
  • Create custom frames and share them with your friends with the new Frame Creator feature.
  • Fix facial features with the Adjust Facial Features tool; turn frowns upside down, make your subjects smile and widen eyes with ease.
  • The Filter Gallery has had a revamp, and can now be accessed from the bottom of Elements for ease of use!

Learn more in Photoshop Creative Issue 145 – on sale on October 13.