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Check out the new Lightroom updates for Android

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Blog, by Mark White
February 22, 2016

Adobe has just announced Lightroom for Android 2.0, which they promise will streamline your shoot to share workflow


Adobe claim their new Lightroom update will provide photographers with the first end-to-end RAW mobile photography solution. For the first time, photographers will be able to do everything from capturing your image all the way to the final edit without leaving the app. 

An in-app camera has been added to the app, meaning that you can now shoot from within Lightroom mobile, supporting the capture of images in DNG RAW format. There are now shoot-through presets too, also available within the in-app camera, which enable previewing and capturing images with a series of built-in presets providing non-destructive editing. 

The Dehaze tool from Photoshop CC 2015 has been added to Lightroom Mobile and Split Toning has seen an upgrade, enabling the addition of a colour cast to the highlights and shadows of an image; this makes for a uniquely stylised colour image, or you can create beautiful toned black and white. There is new Target Adjustment Tool functionality in the Colour/B&W editing tool too and a Point mode has been added to Curves.

The Android app also directly links in with your Desktop version of Lightroom and both applications will automatically synchronise the updates and editing you do to your captures.