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Discover daily art recommendations from Artfinder

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Blog, by Mark White
February 23, 2016

See the art you want to see with the new ‘My Artfinder’ feature


This week, Artfinder launches ‘My Artfinder’, a mixtape of personal recommendations for users, just like Spotify Discover Weekly. Unlike Spotify though, these recommendations are updated daily!

‘My Artfinder’ is a new way of shopping for art. Based on what you’ve loved on the site, plus what similar friends are loving, ‘My Artfinder’ is a personalised homepage providing recommendations totally unique to you. The more you use the site, the more ‘My Artfinder’ evolves, as the more artwork will be recommended to you.

Artfinder’s CEO Jonas Almgren says,“We are the first e-commerce site in the art space to do this. Personalised recommendations mean you see art you want to see, like you listen to music you want to listen to. Around 1000 new artworks are currently being added to the site every single day, so unless you’re refreshing our ‘new’ page every hour, there’s lots of great stuff you’re going to miss.”

Check out ‘My Artfinder’ now!