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Download a free PSD on 8th November

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Blog, by Mark White
November 7, 2013

Fotolia announces the final TEN Collection artist with a PSD free for 24 hours

Peter Jaworowski

On Friday 8th November, Fotolia will reveal the final artist in its on-going TEN Collection series.

This time it’s Poland’s Peter Jaworowski, aka Hejz, who shows us the making of process of Game On (above).

The PSD of Game On is free to download on 8th November 2013 for 24 hours only, after which will cost £4.

Along with the PSD, two videos will also be released: one introducing Peter and his artistic influences and background, and the other showing the making of his image.

Peter describes: “I wanted to create a very bright and dynamic image; full of energy and fun: an image that focuses on a basketball player in  mid-air, where the light lines underline the speed. Even though it’s a static frame, I wanted motion to be felt in it. I chose very unusual colours to make the entire scene a little magical and unusual. It’s still a basketball court, but it feels more like fantasy. It’s a very simple story about agility, strength and speed.”