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Find out the latest from this year’s Adobe MAX

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Blog, by Mark White
November 2, 2016

Discover what’s new in CC 2017


As technology advanced another year, Adobe are moving forward with more innovations to their Creative Cloud package. Creative Cloud 2017 sees new Photoshop tools, but also advances made to Adobe’s mobile tools, Adobe Stock and other Adobe apps.

Perhaps most excitingly for Photoshop users, there are new updates to the program, many of which revolve around the use of Adobe Stock. There’s an update on the “New Document” screen, with templates added from Adobe Stock, meaning that you can create quick work straight away. Though Stock has always enabled you to drop images into Photoshop, you can now search for visually similar images on Stock; simply drag a picture onto Stock, and you can find a world of licensable images to use in your work. Even better still, using Photoshop, you can search for images that are visually similar to a selection. It even works with compositions too; all you have to do is make a selection and use Ctrl/right-click>Find Similar.

Also new to Photoshop users is Project Felix. Before the end of the year, Adobe promise to release their first beta of the project to paid CC members; it aims to transform the way we use composites, as it combines 2D and 3D assets, and assists with rendering. Across the mobile apps, Adobe Sketch now uses Photoshop brushes, making it even easier to work across devices, and along with new desktop tools such as Select and Mask Workspace, Face Aware Liquify, and Match Font, you can now search for tools within Photoshop with In-App Search. There’s a more seamless integration with Adobe XD too, which has new features such as co-editing of documents, visual versioning and Creative Cloud Libraries enhancements.

Elsewhere across the Creative Cloud updates, Adobe Stock have teamed up with Reuters to deliver millions more images to use within the CC applications and Photoshop Fix and Mix have both have significant updates that include Face-Aware Liquify and Healing.

Stay tuned in the coming issues of Photoshop Creative to learn more about this updates and remember to keep an eye out for seven new free Photoshop brushes that Kyle Webster has created especially for CC 2017.

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