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How It Works Illustrated 2, now available!

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Blog, by The Photoshop Creative Team
September 10, 2014

How It Works Illustrated is now available for £6.99 – it’s a fantastic read, and it’s great Photoshop inspiration!

We live on a beautiful and magnificent planet: all great artists know that, and many of them are inspired by the natural world around them.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your Photoshop art, or you’re just after a fantastic read, How It Works Illustrated might just be a magazine for you. It’s bursting with fascinating stories about the world we live in, and even offers puzzles and quizzes to keep you busy for hours.

The second issue of How It Works Illustrated is delving into the wonders of Earth and into the gob-smacking secrets that it holds, from the deepest oceans to the highest mountains, from the hottest deserts to the most ferocious volcanoes.

Pick up your copy today for just £6.99 either from the Imagine shop, or any good retailer – and while you’re enjoying that offer, check out Photoshop Creative. UK readers get 50% if they subscribe!