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Create and use digital frames

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Magazine, by The Photoshop Creative Team
April 8, 2011

Issue 73 has a great tutorial on creating digital frames. See how they work here

We have a fantastic tutorial in issue 73 about creating digital frames, revealing how layer masks and brushes can be used to make a dizzying array of options.

As part of the tutorial, we provided ten high-resolution frames on the disc. To give you a taste of these, we have provided a three-frame sampler. Simply click here to download.

Once you have the frames, it’s simple to add your image to them.


Start by opening up your frame in Photoshop and also open your image. Click on your image document and either go to Select>Select All and then Edit>Copy or go to the Layers palette and click-drag the image layer over into your frame document. Let go to add it.


If you went with the Select/Copy method, click on the frame document and go to Edit>Paste. This will create a new layer with your image in it. If you dragged the layer over, your image will be sat on a new layer already.

At the moment the image is obscuring the frame, which is no good for no one. There are various methods of making the frame come to the fore, but in this case we are going to use a clipping mask. This brings the frame edges to the front and is applied by clicking the Options arrow in the Layers palette and selecting Create Clipping Mask.


Once the mask has been applied, you need to get to the business of placing your image in the best way. Use the Move tool to position it or use any of the Edit>Transform options.

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