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New! Master the tools of Photoshop bookazine hits shelves

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Blog, by Mark White
October 1, 2013

The most valuable tips and tricks to help you become a Photoshop wizard

New! Master the tools of Photoshop bookazine hits shelvesMastering all of Adobe Photoshop’s tools can take time, practice and patience. Because you’re overwhelmed with so many functions, not everyone will make use of all of Photoshop’s capabilities. But each function plays a vital role in helping you re-touch, edit or manipulate your assets and that’s where Photoshop Creative Collection comes in!

The bookazine contains details explanations of all of Photoshop’s main tools and how to best use them to benefit your images. You’ll learn everything from simple photo touch-ups and edits to using the brush and pen tools to create stunning effects. You’ll also perfect image manipulation for stunning visual effects and be confident taking on creative projects like creating stickers, cards, maps and party invitations.

“With each new version of Photoshop, new features have been added, but things have also become a bit more complex for the average user,” said Charis Webster, Editor of Photoshop Creative magazine.

“That’s why a bookazine like Photoshop Creative Collection is an invaluable resource for users of all levels. It progresses at a steady pace from simple editing tips to teaching you how to basically work in a self-sufficient manner using all of Photoshop’s varied tools by the time you reach the creative projects section.”

Informative, visual and jam-packed with easy-to-digest content, the Collection series is invaluable for moderate and regular Photoshop users looking to take their skills to the next level. This is an ideal resource for users using any version of Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

Other titles in the Collection bookazine series include Retro Gamer, 911 and Digital Artist.

Photoshop Creative Collection is on sale on (03 October 2013), available from and all good newsagents, priced £12.99. Or download a digital version from