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Photoshop Creative issue 91 is now on sale!

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Magazine, by Mark White
August 23, 2012

Learn to paint with Photoshop Creative issue 91, as well as mastering mixed-media, light effects, among many more tutorials. Free software by Dx0 worth £99 also inside!

Photoshop Creative issue 91

The magazine is available on Zinio,, iTunes and Imagine Shop.

Some of the techniques this issue include…
FREE full-version software worth £99!
– Achieve amazing photographic effects (with print version only).

Painting masterclass
– Learn how to use Photoshop to paint from photos, in watercolour, oil paints and more.

Mixed-media montages
– Do something interesting with your imagery and achieve some cool effects.

Have fun with reflections
– Let your imagination run wild with some clever reflection trickery.

Also inside…
– High-contrast compositions
– Essential 3D editing
– Understand channels
– Layer style tricks

This issue

Paint in Photoshop

Learn to paint


Learn mixed-media in Photoshop

Mixed media tutorial


A little snapshot from our Photoshop For Beginners section…

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