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Project Felix is now available to download

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Blog, by Mark White
December 15, 2016

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First debuted at Adobe MAX earlier this year, graphic designers have been eagerly keeping an eye out for Project Felix. The first beta of the project is out now, and it’s available for Creative Cloud members!

A companion for compositing, Felix helps you to create scenes from backgrounds and 3D models. Its controls and tools let you move around the scene, even tilt, rotate and transform individual models; the software is compatible with Photoshop too, meaning that you can export to Photoshop for any post-production that you want to make to your 3D scene.

Also new to Photoshop, is the interaction with the Apple’s MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Inside the Layer Properties section, you can quickly access common actions like place a Smart Object, clip Layers, and open Select & Mask. Controls for changing the blend mode and scrubbing through the history are especially nice to use on the Touch Bar Retina display because of a visual preview of the result, and the Brushes section gives you quick access to brush colour, size, hardness, opacity and flow. Each of these commands has a movable slider to pick just the right value.


For help installing these updates, visit the Adobe site today.