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Adonit Pro 3

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Reviews, by Mark White
January 22, 2018

Create better art on your tablet than ever before and turn on the stylus

Even in the infancy of home computers, there were those who believed the mouse and keyboard combo would make handwriting obsolete. Roughly two decades on, the predictions weren’t too far off: we all have pocket computers in our pockets, just like the sci-fi shows told us.

But rather than moving to a mouse and keyboard permanently, we’re actually reverting back to pens. That is if styluses have anything to say about technology; Adonit’s range includes those that are good for just taking notes, those that can help you sketch on your phone, and those that promise superior precision on the iPad Pro.

The Pro 3 is somewhere in the middle of all these. It’s slender and light enough to use with your phone, but precise enough to be a great option for top-of-the-range tablets. It has a clip for you to use in a pocket, and a nice grip around the base; the top is magnetic as well, so it sticks to either end whether the stylus is in use or not. There’s a flat surface to the nib, making it good for drawing at multiple angles on a surface.

The Pro 3 isn’t just well constructed, it’s also great when in use. The Pro 3 is fantastically smooth, sharp and able to capture detail really well. It’s a great stylus for someone who’s new to sketching on a tablet, and it can complement any seasoned digital artist. The Pro 3 is more controlled than a computer mouse ever was, and it’s a lot more stylish to boot.

The Verdict

8/10 – A top stylus with a great nib and weight, the Pro 3 is more than capable of transforming you from a simple sketcher into a digital art master.