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Review: Afterlight

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Apps, by Mark White
July 31, 2017

Fix levels, add filters and inject light effects into your photos

Price: £0.99/$0.99

For some, Photoshop’s most-used tools are the adjustments. They can quickly transform images non-destructively, and can be used in any project.

Afterlight is an app that works in a similar way to the adjustments, in that it doesn’t add anything new to your pictures, but it does get the best out of them. The basic adjustments include sharpening, cropping, highlights, shadows and adding colour to the highlights, midtones and shade, making it adept at all kinds of photo- editing tweaks. There’s a collection of high-quality filters too, which are perfect for adding a retro twist to your images.

Where Afterlight truly stands out is in the light leaks it offers. There’s an array of default ones to use, with the option to buy more. You can alter not just opacity, but colour too. This makes Afterlight perfect for creating vintage shots, and for adding subtle colour filters across your images.

Afterlight is one of the most complete apps out there, and it blends power and style. If you’re looking to adjust photos on your phone, this is the app for you.

The Verdict

9/10 – A creative mix of sharp editing functions and fancy overlays, Aft􏰀erlight is a great photo-editing app to have at your disposal.