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BenQ GW2760HS review

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Reviews, by Mark White
December 9, 2014

Christmas is coming, so check out the BenQ GW2760HS – a great present option that we reviewed in Issue 104!

Working for long periods at a time in Photoshop is something we’re well accustomed to, but BenQ has carefully considered the impact this has on our health. More specifically, our eyesight, and in the hope to reduce the visual strain and improve comfort, the company’s new Eye-Care monitors comes with lots of clever tech working hard behind its screen.

The GW2760HS offers a large playing field for editing photos and creating artwork in Photoshop. The monitor’s 27-inch HD VA panel is just about big enough for watching video tutorials while working in Photoshop. The sense of screen space is further heightened by its extra-thin bezel, and if we really wanted to we could join two of these monitors together leaving only a thin join (saying this, a single 27-inch monitor felt ample for the desktop).

This monitor is all about comfort for your eyes, and comes with luxuries that not all monitors can profess to having. Helping to maintain picture quality and lower the risk of potential eyestrain, this HD monitor is equipped with BenQ’s Senseye 3 Technology. This incorporates a range of presets that include Movie, Game, Standard, Photo, sRGB, Reading, Eco, and a user-definable mode for manually setting up the display to the suit your working conditions. All of these take advantage of the monitor’s Flicker-free Technology for optimum image quality. We were impressed at how easy the monitor was to use, with the option to link up via an HDMI connection straight out the box.

A specially designed Reading Mode balances contrast and sharpness levels for reader larger bodies of text (it looks to imitate the tones of real paper). The blues are dramatically reduced for a warmer tone, which makes it ideal for extensive on-screen reading. But dig deep into the menu options and we could experiment with custom gamma and colour temperature settings for further matching up with what’s on our screen.

The monitor’s wide viewing angle meant that visuals had clarity even when viewed off centre. This seemed somewhat redundant however, as the monitor can’t be rotated when fixed to its round base. A fast response time of 4ms meant that there was minimal image distortion or lag in moving visuals when watching videos or gaming.

The on-screen menu is activated using buttons located on the back of the monitor. Thankfully, small dots positioned strategically on the front help to guide you to the right buttons. Among quick-select options for hopping between the 8 preset modes, there’s a quick access button to the volume controls for utilizing the built-in speakers, as well as input select and the main menu.

What we really like about this model is its slim design and almost flat-screen dimensions. We found the monitor to be limited in terms of its range of movements, with only a tilt control allowing slight angular adjustment. But a wall or arm mount will offer greater flexibility, which would help to increase its range of movements if your workspace requires this.

This is an excellent option for those looking for a size upgrade. Some great features that will help reduce eyestrain and make for a generally more comfortable viewing experience.


Affordable and stylish, with some handy features for improving visual comfort to boot. With control over image quality, it’s also good value for money.