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BenQ PD3200U monitor

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Reviews, by Mark White
September 25, 2017

Is BenQ’s rotatable user-friendly monitor the next step up for a Photoshop user?

If you spend a lot of time editing in Photoshop, the screen you’re working on really matters. It’s important to have a screen that will display colours accurately, show precise sharpness and adapt to whatever project you’re working on, whether you want to start animating your work or watch videos in between designing. A bigger, better screen is an investment; it makes your workspace larger, enables you to see more detail in your work and if you buy one with great resolution and features, it will last you for a long time.

BenQ’s PD3200U monitor positions itself in the market as the only monitor you will ever need, whether you’re a designer, a gamer or just looking for better resolution. Its ultra-high definition resolution is capable of displaying 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is an upgrade on most monitors out there. It’s sleek, matte black, and although it isn’t the most attractive monitor you’ll find, it’s reliably sturdy, reassuringly heavy and reasonably simple to assemble. The first impressions are good; it’s also easy to fiddle with the controls in the bottom-right corner should you wish to adjust the settings, too.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a 32-inch, 4K display, the actual screen of the monitor is the most impressive thing about the PD3200U. The sRGB colour mode will help enormously while working on your images in Photoshop, and there’s a Blue Light option should you wish to tone down the screen for reading or working in low light. DualView is a useful feature too, as it enables you to split your screen while working; it’s great for multi- tasking, especially if you’re using the PD3200U as a second screen.

This is perhaps the PD3200U monitor in a nutshell: it’s completely adaptable to whatever your editing process requires, whether it’s a high-quality colour setting or switching between CAD/CAM, Animation and Low Blue Light Modes with a simple click of a button on the Hotkey Puck. Where this versatility is perhaps most exciting, though, is with the rotational option of the device itself. The PD3200U is capable of swivelling a whole 90 degrees, which enables you to edit in portrait orientation, and you can also tilt the screen itself up to 20 degrees. This is perfect for editing at any angle, and can really reap benefits for artists of all styles who need a (nearly) 360-degree viewing experience when using Photoshop.

The PD3200U is fairly user-friendly as it is, but what’s even better still is that it takes almost no calibration to get the screen at optimum viewing potential. The natural colours and contrast are great straight out of the box, with the sRGB displaying your Photoshop work pristinely on screen, and is superb for a monitor of this size and price. While it’s true that the PD3200U can’t compete with the more elite monitors for white balance or black balance, this isn’t actually too much of an issue. The PD3200U is still extremely powerful and overall, it’s a far more complete monitor than you’ll find in a lot of cheaper and smaller models.

If you’re looking for a new monitor though, you’ll no doubt want to invest in one that lasts a while. The PD3200U is big enough, strong enough and certainly bright and colourful enough that a new model won’t make it obsolete any time soon. It’s a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their monitor or buy a second screen, and it’s perfect for working in Photoshop.

The Verdict

9/10 – With its big, bright screen, rotational abilities and user-friendly set up, the PD3200U monitor is fantastic for Photoshop users.