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Affinity Photo Workbook

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Books, by Mark White
February 12, 2018

Get to know Affinity Photo with this compendium of tips, tricks and tutorials

Publications packed with tutorials are a must-have for anyone looking to master software. But then at Photoshop Creative, we would say that, wouldn’t we?!

The Affinity Photo Workbook is the ultimate reference for mastering the tips and tricks of Affinity Photo software, from basic black-and-white edits to beautiful compositions such as the curious astronaut of the book’s cover. For the most part, the book isn’t the prettiest, as it goes more for big menu screenshots and dense sections of text over the end results, but this is part of its charm. The emphasis with the Affinity Photo Workbook isn’t on what you can create, but how you can create.

The depth in the book is extremely impressive. There are tutorials ranging from fun edits (adding a beard to a subject), to essential photo skills (developing RAW files), from contributors such as photographer Timothy Poulton and double-exposure master Emi Haze (who you may recognise from incredible tutorials contributed to Photoshop Creative). The finished results in the book are strong for the most part, but the really inspiring bit comes from how simple and well laid out the instructions are. These are top tutorials – believe us, we should know – and with over 15 big projects making up 488 pages, along with other tool tips and techniques, everything has room to breathe within this compendium.

This is perfect for beginners: you can take everything at as slow a pace as you wish, or just flick through the pages and look at the pictures for guidance. It’s a tall order for just one book to completely teach you how to use a software package, but Affinity Photo Workbook has a right good go. Whether or not it succeeds, it’ll certainly teach you tons you don’t know, and at the very least, give you a plethora of new inspiring images to create.

The Verdict

8/10 – Full of great tutorials and must-have tips, the Affinity Photo Workbook goes for substance over style – though it does include great images.