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Review: AKVIS AirBrush V5.0

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Reviews, by Mark White
October 9, 2017

Transform your photos into paintings in a matter of seconds with AKVIS’ new plug-in

The idea of a Photoshop plug-in is to create something that can’t be created with the default tools already in Photoshop. A good plug-in should seamlessly integrate with the software as an extension of the existing tools, to provide a quicker, more effective solution to an editing quandary.

Most of AKVIS’ plug-ins create imaginative effects that you can either leave as is, or build on. AirBrush is in the same vein as many of the company’s plug-ins, enabling you to turn your photos into smooth brushwork in just a few clicks of some sliders. AirBrush is similar to the Oil Paint filter in Photoshop, only AirBrush is more editable. There are canvases you can apply, similar to the Texturizer filter, and the Colors option is like adding a gradient map.

What AirBrush lacks in originality, it makes up for in results. The paintings you can produce are beautiful, and the extra sliders help you to create something a little more unique than anything the Oil Paint feature can manage. There are also presets for you to choose from, meaning that you can transform your work in seconds.

The Verdict

7/10 – While not the most vital of plug-ins, it’s still worth giving the trial a run. It produces arty effects and can smooth your images.