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Review: Landscape Pro

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Reviews, by Mark White
July 17, 2017

Anthropics’ update to its intelligent software makes editing landscape images easier than ever

This intelligent editing software aims to help simplify the photographer’s workflow with a powerful alternative to spending hours meticulously editing landscape shots. LandscapePro 2 offers the user dramatic effects in just a few simple steps and its interface will suit any skill level of photographer or photo editor.

The unique controls and intelligent selection tools adapt to the image you are working on. The software helps users process landscape imagery with essential features that make replacing skies and altering clouds simple, using presets or by uploading your own imagery. It will enable you to brighten, recolour and even replace skies, as well as offering automatic area selection, targeted editing, distance controls, one-click presets, lighting controls and RAW file support.

This latest version includes new lighting brushes, over 100 new sky presets, a new Sky Reflections label and improved selection tools. The interface is simple throughout and although it might be initially daunting with its multiple drop-down menus and sliders, we found it to be intuitive and relatively easy to pick up with a little experimentation. As you progress through your edit, the software gives you tips in pop-up boxes, which we found really helpful, especially during the first few times we used the software.

Once you have selected an image, you are prompted to drag labels from the main panel over the different elements in the image. This applies masks to the labelled parts of the image, which enables localised adjustments. The software then attempts to identify the areas of the image associated with each label, however, generally you will need to alter them yourself by selecting and dragging the masks. In the latest update this feels easier and more responsive than the first, but you will have to spend a little time in detailed areas. When you come across more complicated objects, you can employ the Object In Sky or the Tree & Sky tools, which enable you to brush over objects to separate the two masks. In general, these tools were impressive, with only a couple of errors. The masking process is simple and the software identifies subjects intelligently, and it’s probably quicker than doing the same thing in Photoshop.

Once you have created the masks, you will be able to apply adjustments to the image as a whole, or to the individual sections you have created. Each section has its own drop-down menu with the adjustments available. You will be able to replace the sky or alter the clouds and their density or colour to completely transform your landscape capture. You’ll also have the option to relight the image, change the time of day and adjust the depth of field, which will transform your imagery in an impressive way.

Although we think it’s accessible to all levels, we’re not sure if it will appeal to everyone. The masking is powerful and one of the most effective of its kind, but it can be a little laborious with more detailed landscapes. If you are a photographer who spends their days editing landscape after landscape, LandscapePro 2 might be the perfect solution for you to make dramatic adjustments to your captures and take them a little further than you might have in Photoshop. That said, there are certainly still some improvements that could be made – the two obvious ones being speed and responsiveness.

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The Verdict

9/10 – For the price, it is worth a go. It’s unique and will enable you to delve into your landscape with intelligent automatic selection and creative presets.