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Review: Lazy Nezumi Pro

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Reviews, by Mark White
September 4, 2017

Use this simple plug-in to create smoother more intuitive digital art

Digital artists are always seeking the most realistic user experience possible. Whether it’s creating custom brushes, importing textures or simply making sure that the detail in their work is refined, every artist wants their Photoshop experience to feel as close to when they are working with traditional media.

The Lazy Nezumi Pro plug-in can help enrich your creative process. It smoothes the lines you draw so that you don’t have to make quick, rushed strokes, with pulling, pushing and natural motions. There are three main settings: Pulled String, Moving Average and Moving Average + Catch Up, which all give more natural curves to your sketches by allowing the brush stroke to be created on a subtle delay rather than immediately. That alone would be valuable to any digital artist seeking a little more control, but that’s just the basics of Lazy Nezumi; it’s packed with features to make your painting process feel more instinctive.

Most of the options in Lazy Nezumi are guides for your brush to follow, making it easier to draw certain shapes or patterns. The Ellipses, Radial Lines and Parallel lines can help you brush to a specific shape, while the Isometric feature is useful for keeping perspective. You can even let Lazy Nezumi do the work for you by programming simple scripts to run your brush along.

Considering the price along with this vast array of features, Lazy Nezumi is fantastic value, and an affordable option for digital painters seeking more control in their work. It’s easy to use, runs smoothly, and it can give you that added edge of realism your work might be lacking.