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Review: Pixnub Portrait Crop

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Reviews, by Mark White
July 24, 2017

Cut the perfect picture and save editing time with this Pixnub plug-in for Photoshop

To many Photoshop users, cropping is the very last thing you do with a picture, it at all. Cropping is seen as quite a boring edit in Photoshop, but the truth is that it can totally transform your picture by altering the composition.

Portrait Crop, a small Photoshop plug-in from Pixnub that embeds itself in the Filters menu, is just the tool to show how important cropping is. It not only creates a fantastic crop based on facial recognition in your image, but it can help to save you tons of editing time.

As well as being powerful and efficient, Portrait Crop is also wonderfully simple.Simply go to the Filter menu, select it and it will immediately get to work at recognising a face in the image before making a provisional crop. You can click OK from here and crop fully, but the plug-in enables you to fine-tune the details, such as how central the face appears, and how zoomed-in the image is.

This on its own saves time cropping portraits, but where Portrait Crop really comes into its own is with its batch feature. The ability to crop multiple portraits quickly and competently is something that will appeal to professional photographers and hobbyists in equal part, and the plug-in does a great job of finding the faces even with subjects wearing glasses or posing against a transparent background.

Portrait Crop is a plug-in that every Photoshop user can find a job for. It’s easy to use, but its results are superb.