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Review: Prisma

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Reviews, by Mark White
January 29, 2018

Is Prisma a case of ‘don’t believe the hype’, or a viable painting tool?

A week after the Prisma app was launched, it had clocked up an astounding 7.5 million downloads. Apps that thrive on the hype rarely last long, but is Prisma a flash in the pan or a genuine digital art tool?

The honest answer is; a bit of both. Prisma filters kind of date your pictures now as much as adding a caption that reads ‘YOLO’, but provided you don’t care, or you’re not just using Prisma as a quick fix, it’s not an issue.

Because when used subtly, when combined with other painting apps, and when used as a start point for a digital painting, Prisma still has great potential to be used in your artwork. These filters are really well made, meaning Prisma is still a useful app that has managed to survive all the hype.

The Verdict

8/10 – Not quite the ultimate digital art-maker for your phone, Prisma is still mighty nifty and capable of some very pretty effects.