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Review: Snapseed

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Reviews, by Mark White
August 21, 2017

Edit photos with pinpoint precision using this handy app from Google

Price: FREE

Famously, Google has an answer for everything. Now it seems this extends to editing photos on your mobile device with Snapseed, a free app from the company packed with presets and sliders for transforming your snaps on the go.

The app might initially seem a little fiddly to get to grips with, but the slider options are in-depth and capable of some impressive edits. There are options for brushing, fixing the tone, healing your pictures and cropping; once you know how to flick between them all, it becomes incredibly easy to make accurate tweaks whether you wish to apply a full-scale edit, or just apply an automatic effect. The presets, though, are where Snapseed can really help the casual editor. They’re all high-quality and can be applied in seconds for an instant fix.

Snapseed isn’t particularly unique, but the edits it can manage are of much higher quality than many other competitors. This is a useful app to add to your arsenal and one that can come in useful for a variety of edits.

The Verdict

8/10 – A great app to have handy, Snapseed is powerful, precise and capable of applying a quick fix to any photo you take.

  • Denise Thomason

    I use snapseed quite a bit on my phone! I love the controls it gives you, in some ways similar to those in Lightroom and Photoshop