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Wacom Intuos Pro – Medium

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Reviews, by Mark White
December 11, 2017

Seamlessly upgrade your performance with this simple and sleek pen tablet

Back in the day, you needed a separate dongle to be able to connect your drawing tablet wirelessly to your computer; not so with Wacom’s Intuos Pro.

The Bluetooth is built right into the device, and considering it’s only 0.3 inches thick, it’s wonderful not to be weighed down with cables. The clean design of the Intuos Pro makes your workflow feel uninhibited by hardware, which is exactly how it should be. To connect the Bluetooth you simply hold down the central button of the Touch Ring for three seconds. You can then easily enjoy a day’s work without wires. There have been some complaints of poorer performance when the tablet is in wireless mode, although this is mostly unnoticeable and any issues have been vastly improved with the latest firmware updates.

The larger drawing surface of the Intuos Pro works like a giant trackpad. Coupled with the eight customisable buttons and Touch Ring, you’ll hardly ever have to touch your keyboard. Designed with ergonomics in mind, you can set it up as right- or left-handed. This model comes in either medium or large; unfortunately it isn’t available in small. However, considering how lightweight the tablet is, a small version seems like it would be redundant and not that effective for art and design work.

The Intuos Pro has excellent customisation potential. In the box, you’ll receive a card with three surface samples – standard, rough and smooth. You can test the feel of your stylus on these and then order your favourite as a replacement surface. No more worrying about a scratched-up tablet!

There is also the option of working in paper sketch mode with the Finetip Pen and Paper Clip. This enables you to draw on paper on an A5 area of your tablet for instant digitisation of your sketches.

Like Wacom’s other recent tablets, the Intuos Pro comes with the Pro Pen 2. The stylus has a comfortable silicon rubber grip and comes with ten spare nibs, which are stored in the dome shaped desktop base. The 8,192 pen-pressure levels mean you can create smooth gradients like you would not believe. The pen requires no charging and pairs automatically. There is virtually no lag even wireless mode and the pen glides naturally across the drawing area, even with the standard surface.

The Verdict

9/10 – The Intuos Pro is not a huge improvement on previous models, but if you need an upgrade and want the freedom of wireless, this is for you.