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The new Lightroom CC Cloud photography service has arrived

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Blog, by Mark White
October 18, 2017

Check out what’s new in Lightroom

Lightroom was launched over decade ago and has since become the industry’s leading desktop application for editing photography. Today though, Adobe have announced the all-new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC cloud-based photography service, set to revolutionise the way that photographers edit, organise, store and share their photos.

Lightroom CC is streamlined, tweaked for a more user-friendly experience and enables you to edit across mobile, desktop and the web. It’s now easier than ever to edit on the go and synchronise changes, all in full resolution. Lightroom CC makes organising photography collections easier too with features like searchable keywords that are automatically applied without the hassle of tagging.

“As the leader in digital photography, today Adobe is unveiling Lightroom CC, our next generation photography service,” said Bryan Lamkin, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Media at Adobe. “Lightroom CC answers photographers’ demand for a deeply integrated, intelligent, cloud-based photography solution.”

The program previously known as Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, also sees major updates, which include an enhanced Embedded Preview workflow that enables users to scroll through large sets of photos to select a subset of images significantly faster than before. Lightroom Classic CC also features new editing capabilities, including a new Colour Range and Luminance Masking functionality that enables users to apply precise edits. As contrasted with the cloud-centric, anywhere workflows of Lightroom CC, the new Lightroom Classic CC continues to focus on a more traditional desktop-first workflow with local storage and file and folder control.

For photographers seeking an all-in-one plan that offers the full benefits of the Lightroom CC service plus Photoshop, the Creative Cloud Photography plan with 1 TB includes Lightroom CC, Lightroom for mobile and web, Photoshop CC, Adobe Spark with premium features, Adobe Portfolio, and 1 TB of cloud storage for £16.64/month excl. VAT, and is available at £12.48/month excl. VAT for the first year for existing Creative Cloud Photography customers. Lightroom CC has also been added to the existing Creative Cloud Photography plan with an additional 20 GB of storage. This plan remains at £8.32/month excl. VAT and includes Lightroom CC, Lightroom for mobile and web, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC, Adobe Spark with premium features, Adobe Portfolio, and 20 GB of cloud storage.

Creative Cloud All Apps members also have access to the new Lightroom CC service. The all new Lightroom CC plan for photographers seeking cloud-based photography service for editing, organising, storing and sharing their photos from wherever they are, and includes Lightroom CC, Lightroom for mobile and web services, Adobe Spark with premium features, Adobe Portfolio, and 1 TB of cloud storage is available at £8.32/month excl. VAT.

For more info about the Lightroom update and to purchase a plan today, head to