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10 Image-editing apps you need today

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 27, 2016

Make quick edits on the go!


1. Afterlight

Afterlight is a nifty app for improving any kind of image with simple sliders and overlays. There’s a range of filters, but the selling point is the light leak pack. They’re all available in various colours and their opacities can be altered.


2. Repix

Repix contains filters and sliders, but also has the added ability of being great for drawing over your pictures. There are smoke brushes, stars and bokeh that you can add, in addition to applying artistic techniques to your pictures.

iOS / Android

3. Mextures

Mextures is overlay-based with loads of fantastic textures and basic blend modes to use with them. It also has various classic camera looks you can apply to your pictures, and you can create formulas of overlays to share with friends.

iOS / Not available on Android

4. Eyeem

EyeEm is similar to Instagram, in that it’s a community-based app heavily reliant on filters. Though it’s not as in-depth as some of the other apps on the market, it still contains a number of really great filters you can’t get elsewhere.

iOS / Android

5. Instagram

The big photo-sharing app, Instagram is more often about interacting with your friends than creating the art. That still doesn’t mean that you can’t give a beautiful tint to your pictures with some great filters and useful sliders.

iOS / Android

6. PS Express

PS Express is mostly only a touch-up app with incredible sharpening capabilities. The filters are good for the most part, and the app also includes red-eye removal. It’s a great app for use before exporting to Photoshop.

iOS / Android

7. Faded

With a good number of frames, light leaks, overlays and gradients, Faded is really great for building on a photo and adding a retro look. Colour overlays can also be created by sliding a block of colour into your photo.

iOS / Not available on Android

8. Simply B&W

For everything monochrome, Simply B&W is the perfect option. It takes channels, contrast and brightness into consideration rather than simply converting to black and white as a final touch: the best option for black-and-white pictures.

iOS / Not available on Android

9. TiltShiftGen2

TiltShiftGen2 may only be focused on blurring, but it’s still a powerful app for long-distance shots. Colour, filters and vignettes also mean that you can create a finished product with TiltShiftGen2, and not just blur to export.

iOS / Not available on Android

10. Pixlr

Pixlr offers dozens of great overlays, including bokeh, fireworks and flames, but it’s the soft focus that really stands out as the highlight of the app. You can also add type and stickers to your pictures to finish them off with novelty effects.

iOS / Android