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Photoshop Tip: 3 essential image edits

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
May 9, 2012

Here are our three essential Photoshop tweaks for improving snapshots

On most compact cameras, image contrast and colours can lack vibrancy and brightness. To improve these, here are three essential edits that should be at the top of your ‘list of things to do’ in Photoshop for these types of images.


edit images in photoshop


image edits in photoshop

Edit 1 – Brightness/Contrast adjustment

To bring life to the shadows and highlights, go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Brightness/Contrast.

Push the Brightness slider up until the highlights are just about to vanish. This may need adjusting only slightly. Stick to around the 20 mark for Brightness. If there is sky in your image that has been bleached out as a result, paint over it with a black Brush on the adjustment’s mask.

Next, push the Contrast slider to 25. The combination of Brightness and Contrast will make everything standout more.

Edit 2 – Saturation boost

Saturation alters the intensity of colours in an image, and most images from digital compact cameras will benefit from a tad more.

Choose Hue/Saturation from the Layer>New Adjustment Layer menu and increase the Saturation slider to +15. This only has to be subtle.

Edit 3 – Sharpening

Some images can appear soft straight out of the camera. We can sharpen them up by duplicating your Background layer and going to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask.

Set Amount to 100% and decrease the Radius slider down to 0 pixels. Gradually increase the Radius slider until you see image details becoming more prominent.

Between 1-2 pixels is usually about right.

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