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3 steps to using the Warp tool

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 19, 2014

Get the most out of image transformation by harnessing the magic of Warp

1. Prepare the image

We’ve started by using the Clone tool to remove text on the bus. Resize or crop the image to be included if necessary. Next choose Edit>Transform>Distort and adjust the image to be inserted as much as possible to fit the scene.

2. The magic of Warp

Select all or part of the image to be warped and choose Edit>Transform>Warp. Click-drag the image mesh or bounding box to conform to the shape of the object it’s being placed on in the scene, then repeat if necessary.

3. Make final touches

To wrap things up, the Brush tool can be used over the image to achieve better blending in the scene. An airbrush tip is great for these subtle effects! Try using Screen blend mode for reflected areas and Multiply for added darkness.

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