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4 amazing tips to make Photoshop skin perfect!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
October 2, 2014

Learn the basic adjustments to heal skin imperfections

1. Clone out unwanted areas

Add a new layer and set this to Sample All Layers. Opt/Alt-click on a region of skin close to the unwanted area, such as stray hair, and using a soft brush, carefully paint over them.

2. Heal skin imperfections

Select the Spot Healing Brush tool and set hardness to 0% to turn it into a soft brush. On the same layer used in the previous step, carefully paint over the minor blemishes on the skin.

3. Bring out the flush

Create a new layer above the healing layer. Select the Brush tool (B) and choose a soft brush of approximately 100px, with the brush’s Opacity set to 15%. Sample a pink hue from the face and paint over the cheeks to add more vibrancy.

4. Sample and apply

Hold Opt/Alt while using the Brush tool to sample colours from the model’s face and then paint over these sampled areas to smooth them out. Do this on the same layer used in the previous step, using the same brush settings.