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5 Alternative Painting Tips

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
June 12, 2015

Use other methods to paint, rather than your standard brushes…

1. Splatter brushes

You can find free downloadable splatter brushes all over the internet, including our very own FileSilo! They’re great for embellishing pieces, but have you ever thought about painting a whole picture with them? Simply brush over an existing photo, add news layers for each shade, and let your creativity run wild.

2. Masks

To give the impression that your picture been painted onto a real canvas surface, add a mask layer. Invert and brush with white onto this mask layer, using either a soft brush or ideally a splatter brush. The original picture will show through, as if you’re painting it straight on – it’s a nice final touch for a picture with a painting filter over it.

3. Cutout

The cutout filter is great stylistically, because it leaves you with just solid blocks of colour. By adding brush strokes or filters on top of the Cutout filter, though, you can give the impression that these blocks of colour are just the first coat of your painting. This is also a great filter for recreating abstract or expressionistic artwork.

4. Path Blur

If you’ve used an arty filter and you want to make your strokes look even longer, use the Path Blur. Draw in any direction and you can turn any painting into something reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh’s work. All Blur filters work similarly to the Smudge tool, but they apply the blur all over, as opposed to a concentrated point.

5. Filter combinations

By applying two different filters to the same layer and using the Soft Light blend mode, you can create artistic styles with ease. A Watercolour filter on top of a Dry Brush filter for example, fives a Monet-like Impressionist effect.

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