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5 tips on how to create stunning monochrome

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 23, 2014

Experiment with black-and-white effects using Photoshop’s Channel Mixer, with these five great tricks!

1. Precious presets

Try out one of the Channel Mixer adjustment’s presets to start you off. They range from Blur to Orange filters and they accentuate different parts of your image.

2. Adjust lightness

Push the Constant slider to the right to bring more detail to the darker areas of your image, or to the left slightly to control the brightness of highlights.

3. RGB values

By adjusting the Red, Green and Blue by no more than plus or minus 15%, the tonal range of the image can be transformed.

4. Instant results

To see your image in black and white, load up the Channel Mixer adjustment from the Layer menu and tick the Monochrome box.

5. Soft Light

By duplicating the layer and changing the blend mode of the uppermost one, you can add a nice shading to the image as a whole; Soft Light in particular is perfect for giving a cinematic look to your pictures.