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Add perspective with the Vanishing Point filter

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
May 18, 2017

Master the illusion of distance with this simple perspective tool

1. Pick your pictures

Start off by finding the two pictures that you want to create a vanishing point with. A vanishing point works best for a surface that isn’t face-on with your viewpoint, such as a wall for you to paste something onto. Open both images in Photoshop.

2. Create the plane

Head to Filter>Vanishing Point. This is where you’re going to skew the perspective for the vanishing point. Use the Create Plane Tool (C) to draw your four points over the perspective of the surface that you’re adding ‘beach.jpg’ to. You don’t have to drag; just align the four points in each of the corners.

3. Edit and tweak

With your vanishing plane in place, it’s unlikely that you will have perfectly judged it first time. Resize the plane by using the handles on the straight sides, as the handles on the corner will skew the selection. The plane will only work when blue; if it is red, it means it is not possible to create this particular skew.

4. Paste on a new layer

Click OK in the filter, then open the image you want to paste onto the vanishing point. Copy this image, create a new layer, then head back to Filter>Vanishing Point. Paste your image, and it will appear skewed over the surface. Drag to move and it will re-skew itself to the shape of the plane. Click OK once satisfied.