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Add rainbow emphasis to eyes

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 28, 2015

Use gradients and Hue/Saturation to apply a rainbow to your portraits

1. Make your selection

You need to first select the eye area to apply the effect. Using the Lasso tool (or any selection method you prefer), draw around the inside of the eye. Once the selection is made, click the New Layer icon from the Layers palette.

2. Gradient application

Pick the Gradient tool from the Toolbar and then click on the Gradient Editor area in the top Options bar. Pick the Spectrum gradient preset and then click OK. Drag across the selection to add the colour. Repeat until you get a pattern you like.

3. Blend mode

Things are too harsh at the moment, so scoot down to the Layers palette and click on the blend modes drop-down menu. Pick the Colour mode to merge the gradient with the photo.

4. Edit the colour

Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and use the Saturation slider to tame things further; simply drag it to the left to reduce the effect. It might be that you want to go further in which case slide it to the right.

5. Alter the colours

Staying with the Hue/Saturation, you can also use the Hue slider to alter the colours in the eye. Simply move the slider left or right to get the effect you want. This is such a simple edit but makes a massive difference to the final result.

6. Tidy up

Press Ctrl/Cmd+D to deselect the area you had selected. Zoom in and check that the colours haven’t seeped out anywhere. If it has, pick the Eraser tool from the Toolbar and wipe away. Once happy, repeat the process for the other eye.