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Add some simple, five-minute creative effects…

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 23, 2015

Ideas for atmosphere including shapes, textures, brushes and bokeh lighting

1. Add in design elements

It’s time to fill up the background with something more interesting. Open up your image and using the Pen tool, draw some curvy, abstract shapes as we have here. Select around aspects of the subject so they create this kind of effect, and place them around the subject.

2. Depth to the background

Load a clouds brush pack – they’re available online! – and on a new layer, brush over the background to add clouds. Add a new layer and using a soft brush, add complimentary shades.

3. Bokeh and light

To increase the energy of the image, add a number of bokeh textures over the top. When blending in the light, set the blend mode to either Screen or Lighten, and mask away unwanted lights.

4. Final touches

Why not place a subtle texture over the top of your layers? Set blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity to 30%. On a new layer, create a vignette by painting in a dark colour around the edges.