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Apply colourful make-up

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
October 27, 2015

Use Elements to add a dash of colour to your subjects


1. Brush some colour


Start off by picking a shade that you want to use on your subject. We’ve gone for a deep green to complement the hair colour, but you can choose any colour at all. Create a new layer, and with a soft brush, paint the colour between the eye and the eyebrow.

2. Apply Gaussian Blur


Lower the opacity of the coloured layer you’ve just painted, so that you can see how it looks in relation to the face – any value will do right now; we’ll correct the opacity next. On another new layer, paint a second shade, perhaps a slightly different hue to the last one.

3. Set opacity


It’s vital to keep the make-up subtle. Tone down your first shade to 10% Opacity and your second to 20%. Anything more than this, and it will look obvious that the make-up isn’t real. You might even want to add a third layer with another hue at low opacity.

4. Mask to perfection


Subtlety is the key with applying make-up, so with all this eye-shadow colour applied, the last thing is to tidy it up. Mask the layers and with a big, black, soft brush, erase the sides so the colour looks like it flows naturally.