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Apply text along a path

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 25, 2016

Use the Type tool to add words around the outline of any shape


1. Tool settings


Start by selecting the shape’s layer, in this case the white silhouette of the woman. Head to the Toolbar and choose the Type tool (T). Set the font in the Options bar to Poplar Std, with a size of 11pt.

2. Apply the words


Hover the cursor over the edge of the shape where you want the text and click once. Press Cmd/Ctrl+Enter and then move the layer to the very top of the layer stack. Double-click on the thumbnail of the Text layer to reactivate the cursor.

3. Type your message


Begin typing and the text will follow the shape of the edge. Where text looks wonky, apply extra spaces between these. Randomly adjust the size of some the letters for artistic effect.