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Blend modes creative pack

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Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team
March 8, 2012

Learn how to use blend modes in issue 85 of Photoshop Creative, using these start files as your base

Blend modes tutorial in Photoshop Creative

Photoshop’s blend modes enable you to make complex-looking effects quickly and easily.

In issue 85, Teodora Chinde revealed how she created her beautiful image by layering up photos and bringing them together with some deft use of blend modes. If you want to try the method yourself, get your photo pack here. This will allow you to create an image in the style of Teodora.

Just as an aside, notice anything different about the tutorial spread? We’ve had a redesign and look pretty spiffing, we hope you’ll agree. Issue 85 is on sale today and can be picked up from newsagents and supermarkets.


  • Bob Bell

    The new mag rules, as did the old one! Keep it up :))