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Blur filters in full

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 24, 2014

An ultimate guide to the blur filters, what they look like, and what they do!

Gaussian Blur

The best all-rounder for blur. Controlled via a slider, it will apply a uniform blur to an image, giving it a hazy effect.

Radial Blur

Causes an image to swirl around as if in a vortex. Great for special effects, turning wheels and interesting backgrounds.


This picks the average colour in the image and fills the photo or selection with that colour.

Blur and Blur More

Good for smoothing transitions. Blur applies a small amount while Blur More applies slightly more.

Box Blur

This keeps the blur contained to the average colour of pixels that are next to each other.

Lens Blur

You can use selections and the Lens Blur filter to give the effect a depth of field.

Motion Blur

Use this to give the impression of speed and movement by blurring the background of your scene.

Shape Blur

Uses Photoshop’s custom shapes to set a blur following that area.

Smart Blur

Three sliders work together to help you achieve a precise blur, a bit like the Smart Sharpen filter.


Blurs an image but retains noise and sharp edges.