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How to combine brushes with texture in Photoshop CS6

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
May 17, 2012

A touch of texture in a brush stroke can make the early stages of a painting even more effective

Step 1 – Choose your brush

Choose one of the preset Bristle Brushes from the new Brush Presets palette. Having chosen your basic brush, hit the small icon within Brush Presets to access the Brush palette.

Step 2 – Load the textures

Adjust your Bristle Qualities within the Brush Tip Shape section, and then click the Texture category. Click in the texture pattern swatch, hit the small arrow and choose Artist Surfaces.

Step 3 – Texture options

You can choose any of these textures to use with the brush, and increase it’s visibility by dragging the Depth slider to the left. Adjust the Scale slider to modify the size of the texture. Check “Protect Texture” to use this texture for all brushes.