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Comic art from photos

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
July 26, 2012

Following on from our comic-inspired tutorial in issue 90, here are a few extra elements to complete the effect and tell more about what’s happening


Comic strip in Photoshop

Text lines

Use the Rectangular Marquee tool and fill with black by pressing Opt/Alt+Backspace to add bars at the top and bottom. This will make space for our white text, which will be used to set the scene and provide a slight exposition. Tilt one or both of the bars by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+T, depending on your image’s composition.

Custom Shapes

Photoshop has a number of speech bubbles setup for us to use. Choose the Custom Shape tool (U) and in the Options bar open Shapes. Select ‘Talk Bubbles’ from the side menu and choose one depending on the situation. Hold Shift when applying the shape to your image. Press Cmd/Ctrl+T to resize and position just off the page.

Add text

The font used here is Bernard MT Condensed at 28pt. Go to Window>Character and tick the Faux Italic option in the palette to slant the text slightly. If your text needs to be at an angle with the black lines, use Free Transform to reposition.

Finishing picture

The picture in the bubble here was created using Custom Shapes and a sketch of a football. The shape used was Grid from the Tiles set. These made for a good net effect.

Here’s our Layers palette at the end of the effect…

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  • jon

    Can you direct me to the tutorial that shows how to create the image that you’re modifying here? i love the effect!