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Create 5 warp styles

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
November 10, 2014

Add a quirky slant to your images with these simple landscape transformations

1. Page turn

Use the Warp menu to create a simple page-turn effect that works with any image. Grab the Rectangular Marquee tool (M) and select the corner you want to turn. Add a black to white gradient starting in the top-right corner, enter Warp mode and pull the corner upwards.

2. Fisheye

Fisheye adds an extra dimension to any city scene and can be easily applied via the Warp options. Select Fisheye from the Warp drop-down and set the Bend to 50%. To increase the effect without distorting, lift the horizon slightly in Custom mode.

3. Wave

Wave warps are great for cityscapes if the edges of the image don’t contain any specific landmarks. Duplicate the Background and apply a Wave warp to the layer. Set the Bend to around 13% and check that no details of the bottom layer show through.

4. Postcard

Create an eye-catching postcard by adding a 100px Stroke to the image via the Layer Style dialog and a Custom warp style. Enter Warp mode and drag the edges as you wish. Finish by adding a shadow by duplicating the warped layer, changing the colour to black, taking the Opacity to 20% and repositioning the new layer slightly.

5. Text

Add twisted text to a cityscape by applying the same warp effects as you would the entire image. Access the Warp options either through the Type tool’s (T) own menu or through Transform. Bulge works well as do layer styles such as Inner Shadow.