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Create a fruit house! Part 1

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 17, 2015

Turn an image of ordinary fruit into a fairy-tale home!

1. Set the foundation

Start by opening your chose fruit image. On a new layer, sketch out a rough composition of where to place the elements.

2. Branch out

Next, import the image of your branch. Lower the Opacity of this to 70% to see through the layer, then select Edit>Transform>Warp and drag the middle points upwards to arch the branch to match the sketch.

3. Brightness matching

Open Image>Adjustments>Curves to open the Curves menu. Dragging points near the left, centre and right areas below the original line makes the darker areas mid-range and the lighter areas of the image darker. Then use the Pen tool to extract the branch from its background.

4. Add a door

Import an image of a door. Lower the Opacity again and use Edit>Transform>Distort and drag the bottom-right and the top-right corners slightly upwards to match the perspective of the fruit. Hit Enter or the check box in the Options bar to commit your transformation and move on.

5. Round it out

If you want a round look to your door, make sure you arch it upwards with the same warping tips.

6. Add shadows

To situate the frame better make a selection of the underlying door (Ctrl/right-click the thumbnail in the Layers palette). On a new layer above this, select the Brush tool set to a dark brown colour (#2c1907) and paint in a subtle shadow underneath the frame.

7. Match the fruit

Now merge the door, shadow and top frame layers together. Then Warp and drag the middle areas towards the right to curve the door and match the contour of the fruit.

8. Darken and crop

To situate the frame better, grab a brush tool, pick a colour slightly darker than the fruit, and draw underneath the door layer. Otherwise, use the Burn tool on the fruit layer.

9. Embed the door

To create the inner frame, use the Pen tool to create a selection around the right side and above the door. With this active, go back to the start image’s layer, copied and pasted in place (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V) this portion of the fruit onto a new layer under the door’s.

10. Shade for realism

Now make a selection around the door (Ctrl/right-click the door layer thumbnail) and create a new layer for shadows. Use a black brush and paint around the top and right side of the door, setting this layer’s blend mode to Soft Light for a subtler effect.

Come back tomorrow for part 2!