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Create a simple sketch effect in four steps!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
May 26, 2015

Use the Filter Gallery in Photoshop and Elements to layer effects and transform photos into great-looking artwork!

1. The first filter

Open your image and go to Filter>Filter Gallery. Click the arrow on the Sketch filter folder and click Chalk & Charcoal. Set Charcoal Area to 7, Chalk Area to 20 and Stroke Pressure to 1.

2. New layer

Click the New Effects Layer icon in the bottom-right. Your previous settings will be duplicated. In the Artistic filters, click Coloured Pencil. Set Pencil Width to 2, Strokes Pressure to 9 and Paper Brightness to 50.

3. Back to the Sketch filters

Create a new layer, click on the Conte Crayon then set Foreground Level to 11 and Background Level to 12. Keep Texture as Canvas, Scaling at 135%, Relief at 7 and Light as Bottom. This filter introduces some much-needed texture.

4. Final layer

One more new layer. Open Brush Strokes and click Crosshatch. Set Stroke Length to 10, Sharpness to 9 and Strength to 1. Click OK to exit the Filter Gallery and adjust the Levels inside Quick Edit mode.

  • Brilliant post with lots of inspiration , I will point other people here too.