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Create Alina Śliwińska’s Hope Dies Last in four steps!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 25, 2015

Create this composition today!


1. First edits


After selecting the images of the city, use a basic soft brush with a small diameter and paint over all the people, to clear the scene. Add a couple of crashed cars, mountains of scrap metal, a few plants, and add a bit of dust and crack on the road. Break the farthest building by selecting and transforming.

2. Add more elements


For the next step, add sky, a truck, rusty elements, more plants and more cracks to the scene – build up your image until you have something that looks cluttered, yet focused.

3. Blending and building


Paint cracks with a hard basic black brush, and on the edges of the cracks use a white soft brush and blend mode on soft light or overlay. Give older buildings a rusty texture blend with Soft Light or Overlay. Paint light with a soft basic brush with yellow tones and again, blend with Soft Light or Overlay.

4. Adding the subjects


On the last step, add the kids. Match them to the composition of light and add shadows. Paint the fog and add adjustments to finish.

Check out more of Alina’s work here, and watch a YouTube video on how to make this picture here!