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Create an amazing faded photo in 5 steps!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
November 14, 2014

Photo effects all gone digitally!

1. Background and photo

Load up your background and a texture. Open both files then drag and drop the background on top of the texture.

2. Set some grain

Convert the background layer into a Smart Object and run the Camera RAW filter. In the Camera RAW dialog box, go to the Effects tab and set Grain: 65, Size: 62 amd Roughness: 86. Slude the Vignette amount up to 82.

3. Apply blur

The Camera RAW filter add a realistic film grain to the image, but the effect is a but too sharp to be believable. To counteract this, use a Gaussian Blur filter set to 2.5 pixels.

4. Layer mask

Go to Layer>Layer Mask>Hide All to conceal the background image. Use a large, soft brush on the mask to reveal the central portion of the image. Reduce brush opacity to create a faded effect on the edges.

5. Adjustment layers

Add a Black & White adjustment layer, clip it to the background layer (Layer>Create Clipping Mask). Set the preset to Neutral Density, add a Curves adjustment layer, also clipped; adjust the points to increase contrast.