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Create art with filters in just 4 steps!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
October 17, 2014

You can create artwork even if you haven’t got an artistic bone in your body, thanks to filters…

1. Colour Sketch

Open your picture, duplicate it and label the layer Find Edges. Go to Filter>Stylise>Find Edges. Colour will be stripped from the image and thin, ink-like lines will remain.

2. Tile effect

Duplicate the original photo again and call this layer Tiles. Place it above the Fine Edges layer. Go to Filter>Stylise>Tiles and enter 90 for number of tiles. Press OK to apply.

3. Intense effects

Duplicate the original and call it Poster Edges. Place at the top of the stack. Go to Artistic>Poster Edges, set Edge Thickness to 2, Edge Intensity to 1 and Posterisation to 1. Hit OK.

4. Blend together

Click the Poster Edges layer and set blend mode to Hard Light. Click the Tiles layer and set to Linear Burn. If you want to make any adjustments, use the layer Opacity slider.