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Create art with masks

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 15, 2015

Make something awesome in four steps!


1. Stack and mask


Here we placed a subject’s portrait atop a flower. Apply a layer mask to the top of the image with the icon in the Layers palette. Set Foreground to black. With a soft, round brush at 80% Opacity, paint the side to face.

2. Mask another layer


We added a water splash image to the top. Apply a layer mask and paint black to hide parts. Use the square brackets to size as needed. Get up close with the Zoom tool for detail work.

3. Masking with blending


Place some bokeh above. Set the blend mode to Overlay to merge with the other images and help tie everything together. Apply a layer mask and paint black where the overlay doesn’t mesh.

4. Apply final adjustment


Click the Create New Adjustment Layer button in the Layers palette, choose Colour Lookup>Late Sunset. Lower Opacity to 60% and use a soft round brush at 80% Opacity to black in the eye area.