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Create grunge posters (part 2)

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 14, 2014

Part 2 of our cool grunge poster effect tutorial!

8. Break up the segments

On the texture layer, use the Quick Selection tool to roughly select one of the cracked segments. Now hit Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+J to cut and paste the segment onto its own layer. Use Cmd/Ctrl+T to slightly rotate the segment.

9. Apply drop Shadow

Use the Quick Selection tool on other parts of the texture, cutting, pasting and rotating them. Now go to Layer>New Layer Style>Drop Shadow (in Elements go to Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings) and add a black shadow – with size at 0px and Distance at 5px – to each layer as well as the main texture layer.

10. Hide your layers

To make the areas under the segments darker than everything else, hide all the layers containing the shards using the eyes in the Layers palette. Now Cmd/Ctrl-click on the thumbnail of the texture layer and go to Select>Inverse.

11. Fill the layer

Add a new layer and fill it with black by going to Edit>Fill and setting Contents to Black. Hit Cmd/Ctrl+D to remove the active selection then lower the Opacity to 25% via the slider in the Layers palette.

12. Combine selections

Reveal the shards by clicking back on their eye symbols. Holding Shift, Cmd/Ctrl-click on each of the thumbnails to form a large selection, then select the black layer made previously and hit Delete. This will hide black parts under each segment.

13. Edit the landscape

Why not add a nice background to the piece? We’re going to go with a mountainous backdrop for our eagle, but you can paste in anything.