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Create paintings in Elements in five minutes

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
August 24, 2015

Incorporate two painting techniques into one picture


1. Paste your subject


Select your subject from its original photo using the Quick Selection tool and the Refine Edge tool. Paste into a new setting and position them realistically into the piece. Adjust light if need be (Enhance>Adjust Lighting).

2. Merge and brush


Merge the foreground and the background together and begin dabbing details with the Impressionist brush. Remember that facial features aren’t so important when the viewer’s focus isn’t solely on the foreground.

3. Smudge where necessarybothstep3

We’re not going to smudge the details of our subject’s face too much in this picture, as she’s sharing the focus with the backdrop. More extensive smudging can be made on the hair and the background of the picture, though.

4. Finish up


Once brushed completely, add overlays or filters and use bigger brush sizes to show focus in the picture. Big brushes work well in leafy paintings and smaller brushes are good for adding detail to tree trunks.