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Create Peter Spencer’s ‘Mother Nature’ in four steps!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
October 9, 2015

Create Peter Spencer’s masterpiece today!


1. Select your subject


Cut out the subject from its background, add a blue gradient on a new layer behind her and a sepia/cyan gradient map adjustment over the top.

2. Locate the Earth


Next, take an image of the Earth and cut it out, by adding a layer mask. Position the Earth to make it look like it is in the subject’s hand.

3. Add the clouds


Add a Gaussian Blur of 5px to the Earth. Use cloud brushes both in the background and foreground to fill out the picture.

4. Finishing touches


To finish the artwork off, add the Cooper 2 gradient map to the clouds and take the Opacity setting down to 37% to give them a pink glow.