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Design eye-catching 3D typography

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
December 31, 2016

Create amazing 3D type using simple techniques!


1. Create the letter


Create a new file (Cmd/Ctrl+N) 230x310mm and paint it blue (#7292e5). Type the letter L in Helvetica Bold and at 852pt. Create a white circle, put it below the letter and apply the Gaussian Blur at 110px.

2. Make it 3D


Duplicate the letter layer. Pick one, right-click and select Rasterize Type option. Go to the 3D menu and choose the option ‘3D extrusion from current selection’. Move the letter and return to the Layers panel, select the copy of the letter layer and merge.

3. Paint the layers


With the Magic Wand tool, select the white part of the letter, create a new layer and a new folder (Cmd/Ctrl+G), then press the Add Layer Mask button. Paint the layers that are inside the folder with white and change the opacity. Repeat the procedure on the word’s side.

4. Add outlines


Inside the folder, make a layer and paint it white, select the letter shape and go to Select>Modify>Contract (10px) and press delete. Change the blend mode to Soft Light and apply the Gaussian Blur with 5px.

5. Introduce the front scene


Use images of divers and sharks to create the scene. To merge the images make a mask and with the Brush tool, delete the unnecessary parts. Use the an image of some water for the water surface and delete the unnecessary parts with the same procedure.

6. Add the side scene


Use the same images to create the side of the letter. Remember that you must follow the perspective of the letter, so press Cmd/Ctrl+T and adjust it. To give more depth to the scene, create a blue (#6f91e4) shadow with the Brush tool in Multiply.

7. Bring in some sunlight


Make a yellow circle (#ffe26), and with the Brush tool add some white highlights and clouds. These brushes are already in the Brushes menu. Remember to always make separate layers. Make some highlights on the background to give more depth.