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Digitally frame your photos in Elements!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
November 20, 2014

Learn the basics of scaling photos to fit frames and show off your family portraits…

1. Open Image

Open Elements in Expert Mode. Find an image of a picture frame and paste it into a new document.

2. Quick Selection

Hide the Background layer by clicking on the eye icon. Now select the frame layer and grab the Magic Wand tool. On the Tool options bar, click on New Selection, set the Tolerance to 100 and check the Anti-aliasing box. Click on the centre of the image press Delete.

3. Place your photo

Now let’s place the photo inside our frame. Head to File>Place, find the image you want and click Place. On the Tool Options bar, check the Constrain Preportions box and then resize to around 250%. Click on the green checkmark to commit the current operation.

4. Rearrange Layers

On the Layers panel, drag the subject layer and place it behind your frame. Press Cmd/Ctrl+T to open the Free Transform tool. Now, hold the Opt/Alt key and drag the corner handles to resize and reposition the image behind the frame. Again, click on the green checkmark to commit the operation.

5. Auto Smart Fix

Let’s improve our image’s colour and detail by using the Auto Smart Dix command. This command will improve the shadows and highlights, the details and correct the colour balance automatically. Make sure the subject layer is still selected. Ctrl/right-click on the layer and choose Simplify Layer, then go to Enhance>Auto Smart Fix.

6. Layer Style

Now select the Frame1 layer. Go to Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings. Change the Lighting Angle to 145 degrees, then click on Drop Shadow and set Size: 20px, Distance:15px and Opacity: 90%. Now click on Stroke and set Size to 4px, Opacity to 80% and then click OK. Now it’s ready to paste onto a wall background!